Mixed Media Artist Penelope Meniere, and photographer Marika Poquet, collaborated together for this joint exhibition. Their aim, to highlight the rapid erosion of "our" heritage, the amputation of our roots, and the detachment from our past, whether it is in the name of progress (construction) or as a result of a blasé, indifferent generation of offspring.

Our history is fading, and with it a lifestyle of customs and traditions are fast disappearing. Abandoned memories, and forgotten lives of our descendants make for an empty hollow future society.

Their latest works are predominantly inspired from the neglected generation of Singapore settlers that are entombed in the Bukit Brown Cemetery.

Penelope chose simple kitchen toweling on which to print, paint and stitch her work, a common household rag, frequently used, disposed and forgotten about. The pieces depict photographic imagery of the Bukit Brown Cemetery, which have been printed onto fabric by means of gel emulsions, hand dyed and over worked with a combination of stitching, collage and acrylic paint.
The "stitching" together of the work, the past with the present is a eulogy of sorts, a simple dedication and acknowledgement to all our ancestors.