Pene launched a new creative concept DIY monthly subscription box, called PIMPABOX for young woman.

The concept for Pimpabox grew during her recent relocation to France from Bangkok. Having lived in many countries her two adolescent children had been immersed into multiple and very different educational systems, it quickly became apparent that the French schooling system preferred to focus more on the academic results of their student, as opposed to their personal, emotional and social development. Pene found this educational system not only to be lacking in interactive based activities, student collaboration, but lack of creativity was stifling, and there was simply no fun in learning.

As such, her accumulated observations and frustrations sparked her idea to provide teenagers with a monthly escape from school assignments, exams and other social pressures, and such she set about creating a creative toolbox to encourage play, imagination, and collaboration through simple and original DIY type activities.

Working closely with renowned illustrator Sonia Polis, and up and coming fashion photographer, Clement Decoster she imagined and created the brand Pimpabox.