- An exhibition by Penelope Meniere

I grew up between the pages of recipes books and servings of spontaneous feasts, dripping, always with flavor and occasion. As a child, life was served to me on platters laden with debate, life and laughter, which were garnished with tradition and celebration.

A strict diet of values and ideals, were consumed over Christmas dinners, Sunday roasts and afternoon teas. My life has been marinated in food; from the moment I could swallow and digest it.

Food for me food holds so many secrets about a place; it’s people, their passions, fears and beliefs. With food, almost all your senses are aroused simultaneously; resulting in both new felt emotions and experiences.

I have fortunately spent the last 5 years "tasting" the lives of over 4 continents, cobbling together my many impressions and perspectives by what I have been served-up. Whether a Coup in Bangkok, a blessing by a monk in Cambodia, camping in the snow in Yellowstone, silent protesting against the Desecration of a Burial site in Singapore, watching a country mourn Mandela's death in South Africa, or simply enjoying a Som Tam amongst the bustle of people, on chair, in the street. I have gorged, grazed, nibbled, and devoured all that has been dished up to me, and I ready for the banquet.

The purpose of this exhibition is to expose multiple single experiences on self-constructed plaster made bowls. Each bowl will hold a "meal" of threaded imagery, snapshots whether big or small that have impacted my life, changed my tastes, or questioned my beliefs.

The 40+ bowls will work together with a handwritten and printed journal; documenting the past occasions, and forming a personal collection of many felt experiences from all over the world, a visual and interactive journal of sorts.